Start a Bug Bounty Program

if someone finds an actual issue you should reward them with extra subscription time

Respectfully, we won’t have this, because:

(1) The definition of a bug bounty program is not what you think.

Link to Wikipedia article:

Here “bug” means security vulnerabilities, not usability issues. Security vulnerabilities are more serious and more objective (not dependent on user preference). It’s also really easy to verify.

Currently, I do not know any other company that offers a reward for usability issues found by its users. If you know such companies, let me know!

(2) It’s probably not the right incentive.

There’s something interesting called the Cobra effect. Even the initial intention is good, setting the wrong incentive brings unintended results.

f we reward people for finding issues, people will start posting bugs that don’t really bother them just for the reward. That means we will be handling lots of unimportant bug reports, which is not a good use of our very limited time and resources.

I think what happens right now is nice: people report bugs because the bugs bothers them, and the reward of posting bug reports, of course, is to get the bugs fixed and make their lives better.

I hope that’s understandable!

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