Spellcheck bug back in desktop version

Steps to reproduce

Real time typing,

Hi guys, it looks like the spellcheck feature has stopped working again. I tried the workaround - switching dictionaries from English to EN_CA and back again. This did not fix it this time.

Expected result

The misspelled word would be highlighted in red

Actual result

Word is not flagged.


Desktop - latest version

Additional information

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Additional comments

Weird. It started to work again. Is this an intermittent problem?

Our spellchecker can be a bit incompatible with Mac.

The new version of Dynalist doesn’t allow setting things that aren’t in the list, so doing setLanguage(“en_US”) used to try and set “en_US” and the OS would recognize it as en. But now it just doesn’t do anything because we thought it’s not a language the OS supports.

So under your Dynalist app’s Settings please select English instead of English (United States).