Sorting Tags list

I want to see my Tag pane always sorted A-Z. How to fix the sorting?

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Does this button do what you want?


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Yes, but every time I go to my Tag list, I have to sort again! Sorting A-Z should bei permanently.

I second the motion!

That is I would also like the sort state in the tag pane to be “sticky” – instead of the current behavior where it forgets how you had it sorted between uses.


Every time meaning each time you refresh the web page or reload the desktop app, or each time you close the tag pane?

Just to make sure we’re not talking about a bug. On my end it looks like it’s sticky during a session, but is not a persistent setting.

It forgets the sort state each time I open (or refresh) Dynalist.

Within an editing session, the setting does stick.

Got it, that makes a lot of sense. Added to our list and will implement soon! :slight_smile:

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