Sort Items in Search Results

I have a couple of saved searches, primarily to see all the items for a given project (hash-tag) regardless of their context (it’s a GTD thing).

Since I’m using colours for priority (1-now, 2-soon, etc) I would really like to be able to sort the results by colour - ascending at a minimum but if you can throw in descending too that would be awesome.

It would also be perfect to turn on and off the breakdown by document (in my case a document is a GTD context) so that all the colour-1 items sort together regardless of which document they are in. The containing document could be shown somewhere within the item, perhaps right-aligned to the left of the item bullet.

(this is 2 of 3 GTD related features I’m proposing today)


So does this sort action change anything, or is it temporarily applied to the search result page only?

Only applies to the search result.

So there’s no trace or side-effect of this sort action after you exit the search result interface, is that correct?

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Exactly! Well, almost. Now that I think about it the sort order should be part of the search so it is automatically applied each time I perform the search. But it would have no effect outside of the search.

I know I have another feature request open to sort the actual document by colour label. But I see this feature as different because:

  1. It pertains to search results; and
  2. Global searches cross multiple documents and one aspect of this feature is to turn-off the breakdown by document in the search results (which doesn’t apply to sort in one document).
  3. And I would be happier if you released sort in documents separately from sort search results instead of having to wait for both to be completed.



Yes Agree.
I am trying to rely on tag for task-managing.
Sort the hash-tag is must for task-management so that tasks can be prioritized .
Also the sort on different scope (e.g. on all document as a whole, not separately).

That way we can make use of only hash-tag and search to viewing my tasks, and can work upon all documents that having #priority. (e.g. all bullet-point in any document having #todo will be found and #priority-n will be sorted in the search result .).

My use case is I have many bug or todo lists in different projects(document), so I can use search to reveal them and sort them for a big-picture tasks view.

current search result doesn’t sort by hash-tag.

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I am using searches like within:7d for items due this week, so nicely tagged using !(date). Is there a way to fetch all my date-tagged items sorted by date?

p.s. This ! tag is the first reason I switched to DynaList from workflowy :slight_smile:

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You can get the list by search for has:date, but unfortunately there’s no sorting in Dynalist right now.

This has my vote too - sorting by tags or date would be a strong feature for GTD’ers.


I was looking for something like this, just to list my Tasks within projects that have due dates.

has:date parent:Tasks sort:desc

Any ideas? I’m still trying to use Dynalist for personal project management (freelancer, work, groceries…)

Hi Hugo, have you tried using flat search? That allows you to do a search and then sort the matches.