Sort children by random

In the hamburger menu of an item, there is an option to sort the children by Title, due date, edited date, etc.
Could these options be extended with “random order”? (a.k.a “Random Shuffle”)

A use case of this could be when going through some list to choose one or a few items, there will be items that you rarely come across because of the deterministic order.
If random order was an option, then you would avoid having “unloved items” and “very popular items”.

Concrete case for me right now: I walk through a few car rental aggregators in my long list of notes about such companies (sub-items are my notes of previous experience with them etc), to pick one. But this way I may miss out on the one that always hides in the middle.

Also, the random sort feature could be great when you are looking in a long list for inspiration, not looking for anything specific. When you shuffle, you “shake the bag”.
It would be the “Shuffle album” for lists.

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