Sometimes the + button doesnt appear

Steps to reproduce = I dont know. sometimes doesnt appear the extend button, in some bullets while in others do.
this has happened me twice.
Environment = Chrome, Windows10
thank you !!

FWIW, I have experienced this once or twice as well. From my personal experience, I have found that a couple of my Chrome extensions can play havoc with the + button.
For example, one of the Chrome extensions that I use is called Font Changer, and depending on the settings, it will have the described effect. Once I disable the extension or adjust the settings, the + button will come back.
This problem is not isolated to Dynalist. I have experienced this issue with other websites.

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well in my case it was only for dynalist.

I wish Chrome had a way to add more sites to its whitelist of where extensions can’t work.

Confirmed, also on Chrome. The + seem to be missing when I reload the application. Interestingly, the + are often missing on only some items, while being there on other items. If i expand and collapse the corresponding item via the keyboard, the + appears afterwards.

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This has happened to me several times, including just now. I’m on the Mac App (1.0.29) and have my Control Setting to “Use Bullet To Zoom in.” The + button was not showing, however, as @lucasbrut noted, after I expanded using the keyboard shortcut, the + button reappeared

@Erica, can you look into this?

Is this still happening for anyone? Supposedly we have fixed this.

I’m not seeing it as I was before. Seems to be fixed, but I’ll try to pay attention and see if I notice anything during my usage.

I am not seeing this issue anymore.

Thank you, and @yyyguy!

If our fix worked, it should’ve been fixed for good. Will keep this bug open for another month, and if no one else reports it we’ll mark it as fixed.