Some recently created document lost when I try to find it

Steps to reproduce

  1. I creat some document at 6 May.
  2. Today(9 May) I try to find them

Expected result

Should exist

Actual result

Not exist anymore. Also checked the backup file of 6/7 May, didn’t exist either.


Which operating system are you using?

  • Macos Catalina
  • Version 10.15,4

If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

  • 1.3.5.

Are you using any third-party scripts for Dynalist, e.g. PowerPack?
Yes, installed Powerpack 3 in 26 April, but just have a trail that day and didn’t launch it later.

Additional information

I often open Dynalist simultaneously on Mac App, chrome web app, Andrio app on 2 mobile phone.

One bug I submit before is I never able to quit Mac App Dynalist as click on the “x” on the left right of app windows. So what I am doing usual is using force quit.(Sorry for not apply your workaround solution you gave before as was very busy at that time and feel a little bit complex, and just expect can be fixed in the following version).

I assume may be this disappear of these document may due to I create these document on offline and quit with force quit(not sure I did or not). So I make this test with the following steps:

  1. create a document on offline.
  2. quit Mac App Dynalist with “force quit”.
  3. online my Mac and reopen Mac App Dynalist .
  4. the document disappeared.

for step3, if I reopen Mac App Dynalist first, the whole dynalist is kept in an very old historical version and will be refreshed after I set my Mac online. However, still the document disappeared.

Additional comments

Sounds like your desktop app has gotten its save file in a corrupted state and it’s not able to resolve it… I think the files you created should still in in the file system somewhere, but it’s not visible/recognized.

If you’d like you can email us at our support address (support@) and we can handle any private data-recovery for you.

I believe if you followed the fix for the “unable to quit” issue it should resolve the issue - it involves backing up the data folder, then deleting it. This will make the app re-download all your files fresh from the server and clean any corruptions that would cause future issues.

Thanks Shida, the “unable to quit” issue has been solved today by the step by step guidence in the email before.
However, more uncertain data losed I found today, I have already send email and is waiting for feedback.
Thanks for all the fantastic works of the Dynalist team.

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