Sidebar fubared, cannot drag to resize

Steps to reproduce

At some point powerpack seemed to revert to default and had to be reconfigured. After that, on resizing bookmarks, files and tags column, the left panel shrunk hard left and cannot be restored to proper (and visible) state.

Expected result

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Actual result

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Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Mac latest OS and Chrome latest version.

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Turning off Omnibar in Powerpack does not fix anything. DL still works normally under Opera latest build, but Powerpack 1.3 cannot be opened but displays w Powerpack modifications intact.

Additional comments

It’s DL bug, I can recreate this in Chrome/FF without any userscript/userstyle.
You will need to clear your browser cache or change value of “userspace-file-nav-width” from 20 to 250 in chrome developer tools and refresh tab.

BTW. in the future if you have some issue that seems to be created by PP, please post it in PP thread first.

Yes, @Piotr is correct, or you can enter “localStorage.clear()” in the console, but that would clear most local settings and remembered values, like zoom level for each document.

@Piotr, we’re looking to fix this. What are the steps to reproduce?

Mouseup on vsplitbar, doesn’t need to be drag, simple click is enough, it’s fine with mousedown, only after release it’s changed to 20px

And next mouseup on vsplitbar changes DocumentContainer width to 0px. After tab refresh pane is still 20px and DocumentContainer has correct width. After mouseup it changes again DocumentContainer width to 0.

When vsplitbar is ‘dragged’ (or simply mousedown) it creates second vsplitbar in DOM with ‘active’ class which has ‘left’ stuck at 0px, it recalculates values only after release

Erica, I know you understood what he said, speaking the language and all. Greek to me.

The error did occur again today upon attempting to drag left sidebar to be wider, I think, and I was able to fix (again) via the developer tools change back from 20 to 250 px per Piotr’s earlier instructions. Anyhow, that was my “step to reproduce.”

Seems like a recent change caused this, as we’ve never had this bug before. Will investigate, and sorry about speaking Greek!

Update: fixed, really sorry about this!

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