Sidebar folder/files gone when drag and drop in empty space

First, very nice software you got here, Dynalist team! :slight_smile:
Now, for the bug…

Steps to reproduce

  1. I drag the note folder in sidebar to rearrange. Note that it’s my first time using the app, so I just randomly drag it around.
  2. I then decide that I don’t want to rearrange anymore(cancel the action), so I released the mouse button, then…my folder/files gone!
    (see GIF below for better understanding)

Expected result

The list should left where they were when I cancel the action.

Actual result

The note/folder just disappear out of the blue! Note that It happened when I drag it below the note list, in the empty space. Though there is no problem If I drag it upward, into the folder hierarchy.

Though, the search still found the note entry so the note still left intact. I then try quitting and restart the program and everything is back to normal. Yes, until I drag and drop those folder again…


Windows 10 x64
Chrome 56.0.2924.87, also happened with the Desktop app ( 1.0.27.) too.

Additional information

Here’s the GIF I record.

As you can see, sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. I’m so confused, haha. :slight_smile: