Show preview/copy of linked lists

If I link to a list using the ‘[[’ notation, it creates a hyperlink to the other location/file that you linked to. I was thinking it might be useful if instead of a clickable link, you could simply see the list you linked to within the same screen/file.

For example: If I had a file ‘Meal Prep’ where I created a meal plan for the next few days. I might have a list of meals I know how to make and then have a sub-list for each meal with the ingredients needed for that meal. I could also include a list of which meals I want on which day of the week. This could use the links as is just fine.
I may however also have another file ‘Grocery List’. I can link to each of the meals I want to make from ‘Meal Prep’ with their ingredients list and be done. This however only creates a hyperlink, so while I’m shopping, I would have to manually click into each individual meal, not allowing me to see them all at once while I’m actually shopping.
While I could create a copy of the meal instead of a link, any updates that I might make to the recipe wouldn’t be saved in both locations.

The feature: I want to be able to see the contents of a linked list/sublist without needing to click into the link itself. Even if it was read only and I had to go to the link to make changes, just being able to see the contents of multiple linked lists on one screen would be helpful in many situations. While there could be potential issues with an infinitely looping / self-referencing list, you could probably just make a maximum depth on link previews or something like that.

This would be very useful. Maybe it could be a coloured block, or something, to indicate it’s a reference to another location.

As a teacher trying to plan curricula in Dynalist, I could see myself using this all the time to reference assessment objectives, past exam questions, etc.