Should bullet styles keep breaking the UI rules in search mode, causing data loss?

  • Current behavior: Items switch to the “not a parent” bullet point style when a search doesn’t match any of it’s children. You delete the invisible children when you delete the item. There’s no way to tell this is occuring.
  • Change the behavior: Items with children always use the “parent” style bullet point icon. Search behavior remains unchanged. It simply uses the appropriate icon to warn you it has children before you delete it.
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Further info:

I’m losing data and it’s due to the UI. :frowning:

If you filter to “thoughts” for example, you’ll get a lot of results, some of which looks like this


but, secretly it is really:


Where the data loss occurs is when you delete b. It then looks like this:


That’s fine. What isn’t fine is that it doesn’t show the “pregnant” bullet point. By all appearances, it’s a lone item, not a parent containing c and d. So, the user will delete a, having no hint or clue that they’ve just deleted c and d. c and d might be really important to-do items. This seems like a big bug to me.

The solution is show parent bullets with the parent bullet always. I know the design reasoning is probably “there’s no children that match the search” but that’s pedantic compared to the data loss danger.

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