Shortcuts to create new list item before/after current item

Right now it is possible to create a new item (without splitting the line) when the cursor is at the beginning or end of the current item.

I propose using Alt+Shift+Enter and Alt+Enter to create a new blank item before and after the current item.

The current behavior is to split the item or the note wherever Enter is pressed, i.e. normal text editor behavior.
The new shortcuts should ignore whether the cursor is in the item or its note and should not split/break the line.

I believe that these dedicated shortcuts would make using Dynalist even more efficient because we won’t have to navigate to the beginning/end of one or more paragraphs to make new list items.


I also am running into this issue. To create a new item, I need to first go to the end of the current item and then hit Enter. It would be very useful to create new item (above or below the current one), as described by OP.