Shortcut to toggle Article View

Hi team,

On desktop I find myself wanting to quickly move between note-taking (bullet mode) and reviewing a document (article view). I love the way article view appears less cluttered and the spacing changes (athough I would like the option to configure Article compactness too - separate issue). So, it can get frustrating to have to use the mouse so often!

Can you enable a custom shortcut to be set for this toggle?


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I just want to back up that I would also like a quick way to switch between list and article view. I also have sections I want to view as bullet lists and writing that I just want to be an article. A keyboard shortcut would be helpful. Alternatively, being able to have some documents as a list on default and others on articles as default.

And about article compactness… I also would love to change the spacing between paragraphs. Maybe similar to how list view has compact, cozy, and comfortable but it working on the article view.