Shortcut to Dynalist forum

There should be a shortcut to the Dynalist forum, and we should be able to recieve notifications from the forum in Dynalist. Would make it much easier to keep track, and merge everything even more.


Interesting request… unfortunately it could be quite some work as we need to integrate with the forum system we’re using (Discourse). It’s written in an entirely different language (Ruby) and we haven’t worked with their API, so I don’ know how easy it is. And this is less important than most of the other features for Dynalist itself (said respectfully and kindly).

In the meantime, you probably have to come here to check things from time to time. Sorry about that!

(Or maybe we can enable email notifications for the forum?)

Yep, I thought that might be the case. A shortcut to the forum from within Dynalist would be helpful however :slight_smile:

I think a link to would be useful in for discovery of the forum

Added a link to the forum in the feedback form, as well as the help center, so a user is aware that these two places might help before directly talking to us.

Yes, that’s a good idea too! Footer is sometimes hard to discover.


I’d like it if the link to the forum were a bit more prominent in the menu – like, if it were right on the menu rather than ‘hidden’ in the help center. Perhaps next to ‘blog’. I don’t always want help when I come to the forum! Sometimes I just want to check on my existing topics.