Shift+Up/down not working in windows app closed beta

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click in outline somewhere
  2. Press Shift and up or down arrow
    2.1 The entire item is now selected (with children if appropriate)
  3. Press up or down again
    3.1 The selection and the cursor disappears. Typing does not enter text anywhere. Ctrl+o, ctrl+f, ctrl+shift+f and the likes seem to work.

Expected result

On step 3 I would expect the selection to expand in a similar way as on the web

Actual result

See 3.1. (And this maybe should be before expected in the template :slight_smile:


Window 7 64 bit, Windows app. Probably 1.0.0, guessing from the install path, but it does not tell exactly. I tired to refresh.

Hi! Can you try relaunching the app and then reloading after that? (Relaunch as in quit it and start again)

That did not help, however I realized now there is other than the closed beta, downloaded that, it worked. (albeit only after changing the document)

thanks, and sorry for the outdated test.

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No problem! Glad to know the public beta version helped.