Sharing permissions (only appear to be) synced between original document and copy

Basically, if I share either the original document or copy, the changes will be made to both documents on the sharing interface.

Fortunately, this doesn’t change the actual permissions for the other documents, as when I opened them in Incognito tabs, only the desired one was editable.

I am using Chrome on Win10.

So how do I reproduce this bug? Shared a document and then make a copy of it?

Make a copy of it, then share it and check the sharing permissions of the original document.

Share the copy? Just tried it, can’t seem to reproduce. Only the copy has a blue icon (meaning it’s shared).

That’s strange, I’m unable to reproduce this either. Sorry about that. The existing documents that I have are still affected, though.

Weird. Does the effect go away when you refresh?

It does, but then I can reproduce it again.

Starting fresh, do you have the steps that can consistently reproduce the issue? That would really help.

I don’t, sorry. Everything that I’ve tried won’t reproduce it (if I were to start fresh, of course).

If I am able to reproduce it, I’ll be sure to list it here. Sorry for the run around.

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