Separate links to edit and view a document

If there were a way to generate links with different permission for each document, it might get complex and confusion, but would allow people to create a document that could be viewed by the public, but only be edited by those with the link.

What about only inviting some people to edit it?

The reasoning is that if the link somehow gets leaked, bad things could happen.

If it gets leaked then the version history would help, but I understand that it’s still a risk to take.

The ability to regenerate a link for the document might help with that.

In my niche case, in a volunteer group consisting of 100 people, making a unlisted document that could be edited by anyone helped reduce a lot of friction. It did require a lot of trust, of course. And fortunately as a pro user, I have daily backups of the document.

But if the document was for reference by other users, such as a FAQ, then it could be bad.

Or you could have two copies of the same document, one is editable and the other is not. And you port the editable document to the read-only document from time to time.

That gives you more room to handle possible screw-ups (e.g. someone accidentally deletes everything) before having it seen by all the anonymous visitors.

Currently I have that set up, thank you.

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