Select block by dragging pointer fail

Steps to reproduce

Having a list, I want to select a block, by left-clicking and dragging an area. This action will fail if the pointer is not in the “right” state (The right state is " Text Select Cursor")
Step to reproduce:

  1. Having a normal long list (1 screen) with parent, child element
  2. hover the pointer from top to bottom
  3. Notice that the pointer (mouse) has two-state, sometimes it is text select cursor, sometimes it is a normal select. There is a gap between two line, that the pointer become “normal select”. when it become normal select, try to drag and select list, block.

Expected result

The block of item, should be selected

Actual result

The block of item, doesn’t be selected


Which operating system are you using? window
Which browser are you using? chrome

Additional information

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below are two-state of cursor.
Actual result: case 1 fail to select, case 2 success
Expected: both 2 case should be success

Additional comments

Thank you for the detailed report! Yes there is a little gap between lines that you can’t select. I don’t think it’s a problem for most people to select the text though.

Is this causing a lot of trouble for you? I’m inclined to close this as a wontfix for now as a proper fix would involve making a lot of changes to the way the text area, and potentially screwing up the font size too.

For a new user, who doesn’t know the gap, it creates a sense of unstableness. It likes “I try to drag to select a block (not a single line of text), but sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and I have to do it twice, I don’t know why”. It took me a while to notice the gap. Actually, now I know the trick, When I need fast operation, to sketch my idea out, mis-clicking into the gap is really bother me.