Search Until With Time

The “until” operator allows “until:today” which finds everything with a DATE of today or earlier. If I have a timestamp like “!(2019-11-19 16:00)” and today is the 19th, is there a way I can search which will include items with that timestamp only when 16:00 has been reached?

Adding the time to a date very nicely highlights the date only once the time has been reached. Is there a way to make search behave similarly?

My use case: I use Dynalist as a to-do list. I have a bunch of items which I want to do daily, but I can’t do them until the evening, so I’d like my “today” search to not return them until evening.


Hi Susan,

Unfortunately, there’s no way to search for exactly what you specified right now. You’d need to find a relative timestamp for you.

For example, if the current time is already 16:00, you can do a search for since:0h -since:1d to get all dates that are after the current time but before midnight.

I hope that helps!

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That might actually be what I need.

  • When I use “until:today”, I see everything that is due/overdue, but I also see things that aren’t due until 4 PM today. In effect, it means “Show me things due today or earlier.”
  • If I use, “until:today -since:0h”, adding the “-since:0h” looks like it means , “Show me things due today or earlier and exclude those whose hour has not yet arrived.”


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Actually… it appears that simply using “until:0h” is what I need.

  • “until:today” appears to mean “things due ANY TIME today or any earlier date”
  • “until:0h” appears to mean “things due AT THE CURRENT HOUR or any earlier date”

Do I understand that correctly?

Yes, I believe so.

If you prefer to see 16:00 events along with all the previous events, until is definitely the way to go, not since.

Does that answer your question?