Search resuls for a tag include results of other tags

Steps to reproduce

I have the following two tags in my files: #organization and #organizational and search using the string


Expected result

I expect that searching for a tag only yields results of that particular tag.

Actual result

Search results shows also results for the tag #organizational.

If I were to get all results I would rather search using a string like


You can work around it this way: search for “#organization -al” instead.

@Shida: maybe we should switch to full word search? We’ve received several similar feedback recently.

Our current state is made like that because there is definitely a use case for partial match, for example, if you don’t remember the full word, or if the word it too long to type. Simply making it always full-word search would get us a lot more complaints.

What you could do is to insert a space right after the tag, then the search will be full-word. The way it works is that, the last (space-separated) keyword is partially matched, and if you insert a space after, that keyword will become full-word match.


That trick works. Thanks.

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