Search operators missing for colors and headlines

I’m a very happy Pro user since December 2017. But I’ve noticed a few things that make my workflow inefficient/less effective.

The color label and headline markup in Dynalist are extremely useful to make sense of a lot of items.
However to be able to use it in practice, I need to be able to search for:

  1. Any item having any color, not a specific one. I use different colors to mean different things but I want to see all of them. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way for that :expressionless:

  2. Filter to headlines. I also them for a different kind of emphasis. Not being able to filter my headlines makes them much less useful to me.

Are there any plans to add these ?

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Hi Ashish,

I’m able to find any item having color using the following search:

color:red OR color:orange OR color:yellow OR color:green OR color:blue OR color:purple


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Agreed that it works for bookmarking. But I use it for new documents all the time…so it’s a pain to copy paste that string everytime I need it on a hurry. Thanks for the tip Craig!

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I agree has:color and is:heading would be the best solution to this need.

I’ve tracked this in our wishlist and will update here when it’s implemented. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Update: added now.

Read more:

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