Search in iOS and macOS differ for bold

Steps to reproduce

Search for an item with bold characters that exists in Dynalist like
2020-08- 01 Sat

By searching on

Expected result

A match

Actual result

No match in iOS

MacOS produces a match

IOS produces a match only if the search is


IOS app 1.4.6

Additional information

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Additional comments

Can’t seem to repro.

I have created an item with 2020-08-**01 Sat** as its content.
On both the desktop app, desktop chrome, iOS Safari and iOS Dynalist app, I was able to find the item using the query 2020-08-.

Any chance your document is large and it’s taking a while to search for iOS?

Here’s me test setup: On the left is the full document, and on the right is when I paste the search query.