"Search in all documents" seems to fail


I am new to Dynalist (currently within the two week trial of the Pro version) and so far I am really happy.
I am using the desktop app on MacOS Catalina and I am working exclusively in offline mode. (This is very useful and necessary for me - particularly for work reasons, so great that this is available!)

I’ve noticed though, that “search in all documents” doesn’t seem to work. So far I have only few documents, each of them still relatively short. However when I search for a word or a tag in all documents, I do not get any results - even after waiting for several minutes.
Searching within a single document works fine.

Any ideas why searching in all documents would not work for me?

Thanks for your help

Sounds like a bug or limitation with offline mode.

Yes, that’s what I thought. I think offline mode is relatively new, so understandable that it might still need a bit of bug-fixing here and there.