Search for "within: 0d" doesn't exclude today's events that already happened

Steps to reproduce

Search for “within: 0d”

  • Let’s say now is 15:00 (I use 24h time format). For today I had an event at 14:30 that already happened and an event at 17:00.

Expected result

Events between now and the end of today to be shown.
In my case I expect to see the only event at 17:00.

Actual result

Events between the start of today to the end of today are shown.
Results are the same as if using “within: today”.
In my case I see both events with the time 14:30 and 17:00.


The same situation in the desktop app as well as in the web app.
OS: Windows 10 (v. 1903) / Dynalist (v. 1.3.1)
Browser: Google Chrome

Additional information

I found the information about what a search operator “within: 0d” does on this page ( , topic: searching for dates).

Additional comments

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Can reproduce, I’m mostly just surprised because “within:0d” doesn’t seem to have worked as it’s described in the help page since 2017…

But if it did as suggested, what happens to events that don’t have a time (so effectively time is 0:00)? These should surely show up?

Yes currently events that don’t have a time are timed at 00:00.

Perhaps it’s for that reason it currently works like this. In that case the help center document is wrong…

So, what are you going to fix: the help center document or the app? :slightly_smiling_face:

In my opinion, “within:0d” is quite useful thing to use if one has many events with specific time and wants to see only today’s upcoming events (as well as events timed at 00:00 or, in other words, events that don’t have specific time).

We’ll fix the app to work according to the help article. For now you can add “since:now” to filter your query for that behavior.

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Thank you.