Search for items without an '@' or a '#' tag

It would be great to be able to quickly find all the items I have that don’t have an ‘@’ or ‘#’ assigned. For example you could enter the search ‘@(none)’ or something like that.

It would be useful because I use GTD on my lists and try to assign everything a context. My default context is the office. It would be much easier not to have to assign a tag for my most common context and just be able to search everything without a tag when I want to see just these items.

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This is an interesting idea. I’d like to hear Erica’s take on this but I could see a search string that does not include # or @ and could be saved as a bookmark. Then you would have to go to the bookmark and assign the context to each entry.

Also having the ability to search for everything that doesn’t include a particular tag would be useful. For example when I am at work but don’t want to see everything tagged ‘#personal’.

This is already included in the standard search. Use a minus symbol to exclude a term.


Awesome thanks!

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[Edit] Nevermind, Yinka is right, this behavior makes sense. [/Edit]

This is not working for me. It filters out about 80% of the tags, but leaves many. Untitled

I think it works as expected, search results always include the immediate parent which in this case are: Schedule…, #abyss, and #fun. This helps give the returned results some context.