Search for Items Tagged #now or due But Not Complete

How do I rewrite this search to find the expected results:
(#now OR until:0d) -is:completed

I want to show items which are tagged now or are due/overdue
BUT don’t show me completed items.

e.g. These are things I need to work on today – things that are (over) due and things my boss said, “Get this done NOW.”

Dynalist doesn’t use parentheses to control search. But you can combine search phrases to get the result you want:

#now -is:completed OR until:0d -is:completed

You can think of the OR as separating two completely different searches and combining all the results together. You can also use more than one OR to combine multiple searches, e.g.:

#now -is:completed OR until:0d -is:completed OR #urgent #important -is:completed


Ahh. Thanks. It looks like (the assumed) AND has higher precedence than OR.

If I’d taken that boolean logic course in college, I’d have realized that one can factor out the common term (not completed).