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Can Dynalist search for all delegated items or all tasks, i.e. prefixed with @ or prefixed with #?

To give some context. I keep a daily log section. As I go through the day, if my logged meetings and interactions include a task delegated to a colleague that I want to track I add the text @their-name and if it is a task for me I add the text prefixed with # such as #todo or #today or top3. I then have a search that looks in my log for the these entries and I then copy these out to a different section of Dynalist for my projects and remove the tag from the daily log. My search works well for tags, which are set, but not for delegated tasks for which names are constantly changing. I tried searching simply on @, but this also matches spurious entries such as email addresses or shorthand such as 22 PCs @ £500 each. Can I search on something like is:tag or is:delegated and just get the @ tags or the # tags and not the spurious stuff? If not can this be a feature request?

You can’t do this at the moment and I suspect you’ll be waiting a while for it.

Something evernote people do might help (I suppose it’s a workaround but I actually think it’s better than what you’re asking for) - rather then ‘@their-’ use one of the punctuation marks for delegated tags like @! @* @. or whatever - only use that for delegations and then you can search @! really easily – even better, when you type it into the search box you’ll get a drop down list of all the people you delegate to and similar when you go to delegate an item just type @! and you’ll get a drop down too

So e.g. you’ll have @!Jim @!Frank etc – if you have many people you could subdivide like @!hr-Jim @!tech-frank etc

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Thanks for the really helpful reply. It does what I want it to do. I went with “@>” as somehow the > character represents to me passing something over to a colleague and I am more likely to remember that. Many thanks for your work around suggestion.

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Ohhhh yes > is very nice for that, I like when you can find a symbol that matches its meaning like that, easier to remember too :slight_smile: