Search for a tag in all documents

I am moving from WorkFlowy to DynaList. First, HUGE kudos to the creators of DynaList. All the things that I’ve been too long waiting for in WorkFlowy are already here in DynaList! Wow! Thanks to Erica for being so patient with my many questions in email. I thought I would direct my questions here, so that others migrating from WorkFlowy (or whatever) could get the answers I am receiving. Now to my question:

In moving from WorkFlowy to DynaList, I am reorganizing my info from the “one huge document” (with thousands of bullets) of the WorkFlowy paradigm to the freedom of folders and documents in DynaList. So, everything for my work life is one (big) folder, with subfolders and documents, based on the different aspects/projects of my work life.

I need to search for a tag in more than one document. For instance, I use the tags #E1, #E2, #E3, #E4 as priority/urgency tags (a la Eisenhower Matrix) to tag “to do” items. In WorkFlowy, I could search everywhere for my “#E’s”, however in Dynalist (try as I might), it appears that you can only search within one document. Am I missing something? Thanks!

What about the “Search in all documents - Ctrl-Enter” choice listed below the search entry box? Seems to work for me.

(I am also brand new, just discovered DL and for me it is also a pleasant surprise as it includes some of the things I have been waiting for with WorkFlowy for years. For example, I have been missing a date short-cut key since I journal a lot and the Date Picker fulfills that excellently).


Thanks, Lasse! That worked!

It’s been incredible to see the tremendous progress in the Dynalist development. I’m so glad Dynalist exists!


And if ever you think “hey, it would be really cool if tag autocomplete would also show me tags from my other documents”, then you can do that too:

Welcome to the happy family, @Mark_VanOuse


Thanks for the tip and the welcome!