Search Everywhere for Tags in Document Title Notes (Web)

Steps to reproduce

Put a tag in the notes field of a document title, #test. See attached screenshot. Search everywhere for that tag, #test. Search results show the document, but not the document title or highlighted search result. See attached screenshots.

Expected result

Document title and highlighted search result in Search Everywhere

Actual result

No document title or highlighted search result in Search Everywhere when searching for a tag in the document title notes.


Web, Windows 7 and 10, Chrome 57.0.2987.98

Additional information

Probably not a common use case, but I sometimes use tags in the notes field of document titles as project notes, like for objectives and expected outcomes. On another attempt, I put the tag #test in the note field of an item and it shows in Search Everywhere, but the document title is still missing. Oddly, the document title shows up in the Android beta app, but not the highlighted search result.

Additional comments

The note field of the document title is special, so that’s very possible.

Thanks for the report!

Hi @rcavin, this should be fixed now, could you please confirm?

Hi @erica, searching everywhere for tags in the document title notes works on the web just fine now. Thanks! (Works on Android app too.)

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Thanks for confirming! :smiley: