Search All Documents - Results Are Dead?

When I do a within-documents search, the results are “live” - they have a working menu, I can select items and use shortcuts such as ctrl-shift-m. This is immensely useful when I need to visit (do something with) each found item.

When I do a search-across-documents search, the results are static: Menus don’t work; keyboard shortcuts don’t work on selected items. The only way I can interact with an item is to click it and go to its zoomed-in page. When I need to interact with each of many search results, this is inefficient, because I have to repeat the search and scroll down after each zoom-in.

While we wait for Dynalist to make search-all-docs results “live”, is there a clever way to open a second browser tab on a line from the results? The right-click menu doesn’t include “Open in new tab” but maybe there is a clever way to make that happen?

What’s an effective method for visiting each of a long list of cross-document-search results?