Scripting a paste to all selected items

Hi there - I’ve requested a feature to enable tagging/date-stamping multiple selected items at once but have gotten basically zero uptake.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to script this for myself? I need to add a tag and the date to the end of a bunch of items at once (so I can flag multiple note items by commenter and date received) - seems like there would be a way to do this - even just a simple paste to the end of each item would work.

Where would one start to figure out how to do this? Is it in Dynalist’s scripting library? In one of these “Powerpacks” I’ve seen referred to here? Something else?

Would appreciate any help someone might have pointing me in the right direction.


The only vaguely useful thing I can think of is that the android third party app ‘Quick Dynalist’ has a button to add and remove a date from a given item (i.e. instead of having to manually type it in you can just stamp an item with ‘today’ and remove it just as easily) - perhaps this magic doesn’t work the way I think it does but I don’t see why this couldn’t be extended to multiple items. @Louis_Kirsch is the genius who made the app

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Currently in Quick Dynalist this is also not possible. Only each item at a time can be modified.

I have never had the use case of doing it for many items at once. Usually I just create a super item and I move all other items below it. Can you elaborate?

You can definitely achieve it with javascript in the Brower though. Select items. Then run a piece of Javascript that modifies all items in the selection.

Thanks for the constructive replies.

Here’s the use-case: I’m an audio mixer (though similar workflows apply to video editors); I’ll be working on a project with multiple songs/cues. As an example, I’ll get revision notes in emails from maybe 4 different people with maybe 10 or 20 revisions/comments per song/cue, and then might get a second set of revision notes a couple days later from some of those people. I need to pull those notes into a punch list per song/cue that I can then go through and address - Yes, I could create a ‘super-item’ for each person or date as a sub heading under each song/cue but it’s very clumsy and confusing. It’s much better for me to see all the items for a single song/cue listed under that heading but have each revision note tagged with date received and commenter.

To go through and individually tag all those items is time consuming - much more sensible to just select a bunch of 'em and tag them all at once. It doesn’t seem like the Dynalist folks are interested in adding this functionality, so I’m looking for a way to do it myself. While I know nothing about Javascript, I’m not computer-illiterate; I can get around a bit in Swift and know my way around older languages - just not so much with web-based scripting. Anyone know of any examples of js scripts for modifying Dynalist items in the public domain that I might look at to start to understand the approach to this?

Thanks again!

Maybe @Piotr can help you with the javascript?