Screen scrolls up after keyboard opens on Android

Steps to reproduce

On Android native app, scroll down in a document and press on an item.

Expected result

Keyboard opens and item that cursor is on is visible.

Actual result

The list scrolls up, moving the item that was selected out of view.

See this video:

Just started happening after latest update, this was not an issue before. I have two Android devices, and it was only happening on the one with the latest update. After going into the Play store and updating the app on the other device it had the issue as well.

This is a major usability issue, I hope it can get fixed ASAP.


Android 9.0 native app.


Same issue here, and I would add that this behavior is also noticed when hitting “Enter” on the keyboard to create a new empty line - the entire document scrolls to the top. Very frustrating.


Having the exact same issue. Running on android. Just started happening today. Extremely annoying.

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Seems to be an issue with computing the cursor location… We’ve recently made an adjustment for that. Weirdly enough it’s not happening for me at all.

Nevermind, seems to be a case of bad math! Will be fixed and re-deployed asap.

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Releasing new version with a fix for this, waiting for review.

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App just updated, can confirm the issue is fixed now. Thanks!

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