Screen layout problem when creating an internal link

I often use internal links w/in my main Dynalist doc so that I can jump around the doc, generally, it works well. Now, I’m having a problem with screen layout, specifically when I’m at the top of my doc and I want to link an item there to another item far below. Specifically, as I start typing [[dummy text]], I get a list of all the items below with the word “dummy”. So far so good. However, if that list is long, then the top of the list extends above the top of my screen and is not visible. If the item I am trying to link to is up towards the top of the [[ list, I can’t see it to select it as the destination for my link. I can’t scroll up the [[ list, nor up the browser window. Using latest version of Firefox. What I’m looking for: the [[ window (with the choices for the link destination) should be scrollable at all times, or some other tweak to the navigation so I can see all the text and pick the correct destination item. Hope that’s clear. Thanks as always.

I’m afraid I don’t fully understand what you mean.

Do you mean that by inserting a link to your document using [[ search ]] returns a long list that you’re unable to scroll up/down on?

If so, then I am unable to reproduce that issue:

Is this what you meant? Because if so, and you can’t scroll down the return menu for searched characters, then this may be a bug.

Let me know if I’m off the mark.