Restricting the :parent Search

Howdy people,

Here’s the scenario.

I’m running a series of interviews (with different people)—and I’ve given each question a unique tag in Dynalist. When I’ve finished the interviews, I can use the tag to return the answers from every interviewee on a single question.

The issue I’m experiencing is, if I search for parent:#Q1, the search also returns answers from #Q11-Q19 too.

Is there a way I can restrict this, please?! I’d like to be able to tell Dynalist to stop looking after the ‘1’. The default behavior acts a bit like a wildcard, where it returns everything afterwards too.

I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. :sob:

Really appreciate your help! Cheers.

In case there’s not an official way, as a workaround you could get into the habit of putting a space afterwards, then you can search for #Q1 <-space

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I did try this earlier, but it doesn’t work unfortunately lol. Search ignores the space.

Hmm, not for me:

Without the space:


With the space:


Edit: OHH you are doing a parent search … ok yea I get the same experience there. I think this needs a fix - a standard way of resolving this is to use quotes e.g. parent:"@P1 " but Dynalist doesn’t support this :confused:

Another workaround then would be to use a dash rather than a space, or a dot, but you probably already thought of that yourself and it is more visually obstructive :slight_smile:

Damn. So no restriction available? #sadface

I’ll have to rethink my tags

Try renaming the tags to Q01 perhaps?