Request: The existing breadcrumbs, in the move dialog, ought to be hyperlinks

“Move” isn’t the best at finding items. I love it but it’s finicky. Sometimes I type an item verbatim and it still doesn’t show up. But, a lot of the time, while frustratedly trying several search terms to get the item I want, I see said item. But it’s not clickable. It’s within the breadcrumbs of another item that search did find. I wish I could click that. It’s a bad example but say image just refuses to show up in Move search. But I see it there in the breadcrumbs, so it’s close but so far away.

Ignore this if it’s difficult to implement. I know it’s band-aid solution to the issue of Move search quality. A feature that let you “favorite” items so they always show at the top of Move search would also solve this issue, even better.

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