Request: New hotkey to "Swap with ALL previous/next itemS" (i.e. move to top of list/end of list)

I use the “Swap with next item” hotkey a lot. Usually I sort by how important things are, subjectively. Usually it’s to move an item to the top or bottom of a list. But it’s slow like watching bubbles rise to the top. I wish for a hotkey that scoots it right to the top or bottom in one press.

I use CTRL+up/down so I would probably use CTRL-SHIFT-up/down for the new hotkey.

If any clever folk know a MacOS hack to accomplish this I’m open to that too :smiley:

I did find a trick to move items to the end. It helps “bubble” sort your lists in terms of priority to dump the low priority things to the bottom.

The trick is Shift-Tab, Tab.

There is no way to move things to the top, unfortunately. The best you can do is move it to the bottom, Ctrl+Up, then drag it into the top of the list.

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