Request: Integration with a bibliography/zotero

Hi - I do a lot of research with dynalist. I also use Zatero to keep track of my source materials. It would be great to be able to write in Dynalist and somehow be able to link back to Zotero. Sadly, I don’t have a clue about programming, so can’t undertake this. But there’s a lot of formats and plugins available for Zotero, it seems. So maybe someone is interested?

Otherwise, how do people deal with their cross-references/bibliographies?



You could insert your bibtex file into dynalist and link with the [[ feature by typing the bibtex key or title.

For batter formatting you might want to parse from the bibtex format to something more dynalist friendly first. You could write a small python or bash script for that.

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I would like to second this. I also see a great potential in using Dynalist for research purposes. Integration with Zotero would make it much easier. There are other reference manager programmes, but Zotero is open source and robust-enough for most purposes.

Edit: If you like to learn more about Zotero, the best way is to check its website and/or Github repository.


Wouldn’t it require manual updating every time new papers are added to Zotero?

Having automated integration with zotero, or just the ability to point to an external bib file for references would be a killer feature for me!

As far as I know zotero has an api, so you could write a sync script that runs daily to update a dynalist document with you zotero library

I think this would be great and just wanted to bump this idea. Or even if someone could share a script to help out.


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