Request: If you customize the date format, you shouldn't lose relative words like "Yesterday"

I customized the date

dd, MMM D h:mma
dd, MMM D

but now !(2021-02-28) doesn’t show up as Yesterday, unless I delete all customizations from the boxes. I prefer to keep the words more than I care about customizing the long form dates, so I guess I need to keep those boxes blank for now.

Bug/Feature request: only apply custom date formatting to the dates without a relative word

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I think that’s the expected behavior now. Has it changed recently or after today’s update?

If you customize the date, it will always use your format.

Maybe you want to move it to feature request?

I just haven’t tried custom formats yet. Todays update just made me experiment with dates and notice it. I like customizing the date format but didn’t think it’d disable relative words. My motivation is short, clear dates. So, “May 7” and “Yesterday” are perfect.

I’ll toggle this to a feature request.

Understood, thank you!

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In line with this, I find “Wed, Feburary 24th 2021” is too long.
I want “Wed Feb 24”.

My thinking: weekday is valuable. Month could be 3 letters. I don’t need the ‘th’; just a comma. Year only needs to show if the year isn’t the current. Hm, browsing the documentation of moment.js. More advanced control like this just isn’t supported as a config string, unless you go down to the JS level.

The “6 days ago” - “In 6 days” thing matters. I wish I could have that and customize date format.

In other news, I wish Today was not marked overdue.

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