Request: CSS by document & Free Custom CSS when in View-only permission

So you can make little customizations to fit the different uses of each document.

Further, it’d be a good advertisement for Pro subscription.

Currently, it’s hard for the community to show off their personal Custom CSS. We have to wipe our own and apply some elses, then paste back our backup to restore. It’s too much hassle, so I usually just ignore when people share their CSS code.

Also, it’s hard to use dynalist as a document sharing host when our audience sees something different.

Proposal: Move the Custom CSS box to the document level. Pro subscriptions can get editing and Custom CSS at the same time, and then free can only see Custom CSS when in read-only permission on someone elses document. The account level Custom CSS box can be a fall-back, for when the document has no CSS. And there can be a toggle for the users who hate the change, to let the account level CSS always win.

Imagine: a folder of documents, that all Free users can peruse, of view-only documents showing off each person’s custom CSS. And it renders, effortlessly, just click thru the documents. Then those users will say wow cool I like some of these, this feels good, I will pay. And the pro users will say wow now I can share properly formatted docs, what a new feature, I will renew.