Remove sharing doesn't prevent access to document

Steps to reproduce

  1. I have a Dynalist document that I’ve shared with people on my team.
  2. One person left the team, so I removed that person from the Shared list.
  3. Today this person reported that she can still access the document, even though it is no longer shared with her.

Expected result

When a document is no longer shared with someone, that person should not be able to open the document.

Actual result

The person who is not on the Shared list can still open the document.


Operating system: Windows 10 Home
Browser: Chrome Version 91.0.4472.164
Dynalist: browser version
Third-party scripts: none

Additional information

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Additional comments

This bug poses a security risk. In our case, it is not damaging, but in other cases it could be.

Pretty sure this isn’t supposed to happen, unless the person has their own copy, or has a device that previously opened the document but has since gone offline.

Try contacting support with the document’s ID (from the URL) and we can check for you. Please include the email address of the account that isn’t supposed to have access, thanks!