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I’m trying to update my productivity system in dynalist now that I have the pro version. Currently, I have a to do list with all my recurring tasks. Once I complete the task for the day I have it set to create the next in the series and leave the checked task. After the day, I move all the checked tasks to the corresponding bullet for that day in my calendar section. However, since I use a bookmarked search with operators to show me which tasks are due today and past due, the tasks that are moved to the calendar still appear as they are still past due. Is there a way to easily go through and remove dates from previous tasks since they’re already in my calendar under the date or is that not a thing? Also, if you know of an easier way of doing all this, I’m open to suggestions.

Can you tell us the search string you use? Perhaps it could be modified to exclude the calendar section?

Helpfule reference:

For example, if you add this it will excluded all checked off items

I use:

within:1d -is:completed has:checkbox OR -is:completed has:checkbox within:-12m OR -is:completed has:checkbox #FOCUS

I wanted to go back through and leave them unchecked so that my calendar isn’t all grayed out, but when I remove the checkmark then the date causes them to show up in the search results. Is there a way to get the dates out of there without having to do each one manually?

No, I dont think so. Since there’s nothing unique about the unchecked dates you want and the ones you don’t want, other than what section they appear.

You could exclude the whole section. Try adding this to search to exclude a whole section. Say the section is called calendar, use

I guess what I was thinking was there would be a way to do search and replace to take out the dates but no such luck, right?

Are you looking for an automated solution?

If you’re open to manual solutions, you can remove a date by clicking on it while holding Alt.

An automated solution would be awesome but I didn’t know Dynalist had any way to create automated functions. Is this a thing?

I hadn’t heard about the “Alt + click” function. This saves a lot of time in lieu of an automated solution.

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Well, you can use the API, but it’s pretty advanced. If you’re a programmer, that’s something you could consider – reading the data, parse it, remove the dates, and write them back. Personally I think it’s an overkill though.

It would be cool to see though. I’ve never seen anyone read in and parse a whole document with the API yet.