Relative date "Today"

It’s good to get a no-time date option. But using relative Date format, it still reverts to a time-based display, showing the number of hours that have elapsed since midnight. Would it be possible to have the date for today say “Today”. Likewise for “Tomorrow”?

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You mean when you put “relative” in the no-time option, it will stop caring about the hours?

Yes, if we specify “relative” and use a date without a time, it seems inconsistent that what appears is time-specific rather than date-specific. It would be clearer to have “Today” or “Tomorrow” appear, rather than “8 hours ago” or “in 16 hours”.

I see. That’s our the date library gives us if we do fromNow for a relative date.

I’ll look and see if there’s a way to make it date-specific. Thanks for your suggestion!

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