Relative date "Today"


It’s good to get a no-time date option. But using relative Date format, it still reverts to a time-based display, showing the number of hours that have elapsed since midnight. Would it be possible to have the date for today say “Today”. Likewise for “Tomorrow”?


You mean when you put “relative” in the no-time option, it will stop caring about the hours?


Yes, if we specify “relative” and use a date without a time, it seems inconsistent that what appears is time-specific rather than date-specific. It would be clearer to have “Today” or “Tomorrow” appear, rather than “8 hours ago” or “in 16 hours”.


I see. That’s our the date library gives us if we do fromNow for a relative date.

I’ll look and see if there’s a way to make it date-specific. Thanks for your suggestion!