Register a dynalist:// protocol with the OS

Dear Erica,

Would you please add the minimal API (AppleScript, JavaScript, command line interface, or other) required for Dynalist to work with Hook? I use the macOS productivity app, Hook, to provide the missing links between my favorite apps. Hook enables me to to link items from my favorite apps to each other. This provides many benefits.

Hook needs AppleScript support to

  1. get a name and URL (or other unique identifier) of the frontmost open resource in your app; and
  2. be able to open this resource later using that same URL/identifier.

That’s all there is to it. It’s quite easy to do, and many great apps support this.

For more information, please check out

Updating Dynalist to work with Hook would make it possible for me to more frequently use your app. On the Hook website you’ll see that Hook is already compatible with other apps like yours.

Thank you,

PS: I’d be a Pro-paying member of the Dynalist community again in a heartbeat if this was implemented!


Maybe change your title since there already is a dynalist API, so thats not the request

Deep linking support in the mac app

Register a dynalist:// protocol with the OS

might be good titles

since that would enable the hook and alfred and obsidian integrations folks ask for


I guess it was requested a while back, just didn’t get much traction URL Link from OSX app links back to browser

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Thank you for your suggestions and comments, BIgChungus. You’re absolutely right about your suggestion for a more correct and specified headline, so I’ve now changed the title of the post. :+1:t3:

I also made a request for “application link” back in July 2020 (at that time I didn’t know the terminology better).

PS: my OP here is based on a template made by the Hook developers. Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hookmark

The devs did add hook integration to their other electron app so maybe youll get lucky with this request

The URL scheme stuff is already in place anyway, we just just need the protocol, so that dynalist://d/dOcUmEnT#q=QuErY opens in the desktop app.

That would solve @Robin 's issue too of spawning a new tab loading so slowly, since they could load from the app cache instead Trying to get custom Alfred search to work with Dyanlist


Would love to see this supported

As I wrote elsewhere, I use the desktop app to hold lists that are for local storage only. When a link created in the app is opened in the browser, I get a 404 because none of my app lists are synced to the cloud.

I need dynalist://d/dOcUmEnT#q=QuErY to open in the app, please.