Refresh Search alert/button

I had a small idea for a little alert that would appear when a search needs to be updated.

Try this:

add “#test” to any item
search “#test” to see this item
delete “#test” from item
You should still see the item, because the search does not auto update.

In Workflowy, the search would automatically update. This was annoying because the item would suddenly disapear. So the way Dynalist works now is undoubtedly better, but now I feel I need to refresh the page or research. For example, Dynalist can detect when the search would produce a different list of items than what is currently displayed, and a little alert would appear next to the search field. I could say something like “Search results have changed, click here to refresh” or could just be a little symbol like a refresh icon next to an exclamation point and a magnifying glass or something.

I hope my little nitpicky ideas are useful and not getting annoying :joy: