Recurring Dates with Children

Currently, if you have a recurring date with children, and you check it off, the completed item has no children, while the new item receives all the children. While I can see the usecase for this, the first time I used the feature I was expecting the exact opposite.

(I wanted essentially a weekly space to collate notes on a topic, so when I’m done with a week, I’m also done with those notes, right?)

I can also see potential usecases where you want the children copied, too.

Obviously I can move around children after I check it off, but it’d be nice if Dynalist supported this usecase a bit better.


The concern was that if the recurring item has thousands of children, we don’t want to crowd the document with duplicates every time you check it off.

So we can make it an opt-in feature, if you know what you’re doing and the sublists are not huge.

That sounds great! Just to confirm, the “don’t copy the children and leave them in the old, now-checked off list” use case free be available within this option, yes?


Huge sublists might actually be one feature of that kind of thing, in this vein:

Not sure what you mean by “free” in that sentence, but that will be the default behavior, with an option to override it (override it = keep the children in the old parent).