Really confused by the dates in notes and tasks

I’m not sure how to use the dates in Dynalist.
I have my notes and my todo system in Dynalist. I keep them in different documents because its much easier for me to track them.
In my todo-document i sometimes use date on certain task. I have a bookmarked a search that only shows me the dates i have Today (within:today).

I also use dates on my notes. The reason i use dates in my notes is because i prepare my notes before i have a meeting, its easier for my to remember my notes if i use dates because i can access them fast through the saved search (within:today)

I use the saved search (within:-7d) to track my tasks that are overdue and here is the problem:
Sometimes it have 2-4 meetings a day and i prepare all my notes with dates. Often i have task that are overdue and when i use my saved search (within:-7d) i see all my notes 7 days back combined with the task that are overdue.

And the date in my notes always shows when i had my meeting “28 days ago”. It’s really annoying to always see when you had the meeting, the feeling i get from my old notes when i see that text is “are you really done with me”

Any recommendations on how i can set it up so i only see me task in my saved searches. And when I’m done with my meeting-notes what should i do with my dates? Delete them manually? Leave them? Can they disappear automatically?

Would really love to hear your feedback

TLDR; Old dates bothers me. Can they disappear automatically when the dates has passed? Any good tip on how to work with dates in Dynalist?

uh can i get a 2 sentence summary, didnt quite visualize this on first read over so sorry how bad im misunderstanding.

you’re bothered by dates in the past? you have to manually delete them. i think theres a hotkey that zaps hashtags and dates with 1 click, forget what it is.

Thanks George3! You answered the question, Dates cant disappear automatically.