Raw URLs not linked in the HTML export

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a Dynalist node that consists of, or contains, a raw URL (means, not using the [linktext](url) Markdown formatting. For example the node content could be this, as entered into Dynalist:

    I am a node and I have this URL: https://example.com/
  2. Observe that Dynalist autolinks the raw URL after leaving edit mode of the node.

  3. Export the node to HTML using the node’s context menu.

Expected result

The raw URL should appear as a hyperlink in the HTML document. Because we expect the HTML document to carry over as many of the features and visuals seen in Dynalist as reasonably possible for a static document :slight_smile:

Actual result

The raw URL appears unlinked in the HTML output. Means, it is not clickable and has to be copy&pasted to the browser’s address bar manually to visit the link.

Additional comments

An obvious but also tedious workaround is to link every raw URL manually, using Markdown syntax, like this:


Good catch. Will add this issue to the tracker to fix.

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