Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist

Sorry I meant the documents

Ah I see. Do you need to be able to rearrange them or do you just want them in the order you have them in dynalist?

Same order as Dynalist


Pluss one for same documentorder as in Dynalist.

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Okay I will implement it, but it will have to wait a week.


Thank you so much!

@Kenneth_Aar @Katmai
The new beta version has the same document order and folder structure in the navigation drawer. Please test!


It works good for me. I will test further. Thank you

@Louis_Kirsch Many thanks for the latest improvements.

Thank you @Louis_Kirsch

Much better!

@Katmai @Loic_GENEAU @Kenneth_Aar
Do you use the navigation drawer with the list of documents often? In my workflow I create shortcuts for literally everything on my homescreen. Much faster to access.

Yes, because its an old habit. When om stressed i always look in the drawer for the list.
The only shortcut i have is Inbox :slight_smile:

Yes, I use it very often.
I d’on’t like to have lot of icons on my homescreen.

Okay, let me know whether the access to the documents can be somehow improved.

Hi Louis, thanks for your response. Most of my nodes on dynalist is content notes (which is use mainly for reading to understand and writing), so checkbox is rarely used by me. I’m not sure other users find that useful but the option of tick a note done and hide it instead of delete will help me to find that note later if I need to rethink about that. Directly swipe to get the items done is more intuitive and convenient because I found using that most of the time in Dynalist, which is more useful for me than create checkbox for that item and then tickdone. This option just help me to work and think freely when using your apps, I can quickly drop thoughts, now I can easily put something into trash without having to worry those thoughts would gone forever.
Thanks for reading, that’s my use case, I hope it make sense to you and hopefully you can make that happen. Thanks!

So if I understand correctly, you want to tick it off without creating a checkbox?
Hum, would a context menu option suffice? Or do you want to swipe it away. Then we would have to replace the edit swipe with the check-off swipe.
If at all, I would only do this as an option in the settings menu. Not sure this is a common use-case.

My $0.02 – I rarely delete items but I often check them off. I would love an option to swipe-and-check off in QD instead of swipe-and-delete.

And then have the delete option in the context menu?

Yes, that sounds right, so that delete is still in reach. Hmm… maybe a more general feature is that the swipe actions should be customizable?


Yes I want to tick it off without creating a checkbox. An option to set the action of swipe would be great, or at least I want an option of checking off in the menu.