Problem with the Image Link formatting feature

Hello there,

As filling up some of my checklists, i stumble upon a little bug when i wanted to do an image link for the title of an item

Actually, it does not work with the example contained in the "Shortcut & Formatting panel, so let us take it back.

The picture of the cat is here so i should write the following code right ?

Blockquote ![Cat](/uploads/default/original/2X/a/abb154f747ed3ed8818a8f5c059f5096fe0c530d.jpeg)

With that i should have the result mentioned, in the Formatting panel, i.e. a little box containing the little image icon, followed by the string of text (“Cat”) and the image appearing when we hover on it (which is the feature i need)

But actually, i got directly the image itself inside the list item.

I got the same result both on the Mac OS Sierra (10.12.6) Dynalist Desktop App (last version) & on Safari with the Web app.

Would you guys have any clues on how to do this please ?

Thank you very much & have a good One :slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t see your code, maybe put them between backticks (`)?

Back to your problem, any chance you turned on “Display images inline” setting accidentally?

Ok Erica thanks for the feedbacks, that was totally this option turned on ! \°/