Pop-up text box close minor UI glitch

Steps to reproduce

Move an item to a new list, or some other action that triggers a pop-up notification in the top right of the UI.

Expected result

After a few seconds the notification goes away in a smooth transition.

Actual result

(super minor issue, lowest possible priority, just wanted to report it) After a few seconds the notification goes away, but first the white overlay box minimizes (shrinks to the top) but the text remains for a split second. This gives the impression that part of the text is inside the shrinking box but the rest of it is displayed directly on top of the background, breaking the UI illusion that the text is contained inside of the box.

This appears to be a new issue, as I don’t remember it happening before.


Chrome, Windows 10.

Thanks for the report! I fixed it and it will be released in the next deployment.
Also, amazing bug report as usual! Concise and detailed, 10/10 would fix again :wink:

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